Not every agent is the same.
There are more and more avenues of information being made available to the modern-day renter; it is crucial to the management of your property that the agent representing you is fully informed, knowledgeable, and experienced. Not experienced by months. By years.
It is imperative your property manager is confident to be able to respond and act in your best interests at all times armed with most up to date information.

Not every landlord is the same.
We work to ensure all our landlords’ needs and expectations are met; communication is key. Apart from main stream platforms of communication, we can tailor our services to suit. We also offer WeChat and Whatsapp to our landlords living abroad for more effective communication, by request.

The team you choose should be fully supported.
We are a very close knit team, and have very low staff turnover. We are accessible.

‘Burn out’ is rampant in this industry, this leads to a myriad of problems if there is little or no follow up from your agent on the simplest of matters.

Our staff always have the option to be able to freely discuss any issues in-house relating to your property with another team member. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can help quell matters before they become problems! This ensures the best possible outcome should the need arise before they become complex and out of control.

Renting out your home
We aim to lease your property to the most suitable tenant, at the highest possible price, in the shortest time. Our landlords are kept up to date throughout this process and beyond.

Direct Debit
All tenants pay rent through Direct Debit, every 15th of the month.
Our Landlords are paid via EFT around the 25th of every month, so you’ll be able to plan ahead and know that you will receive payments regularly.

We hold the first routine inspection after 3 months of the tenant moving in and 6 months after. Our landlords are invited too!

Condition Reports
Prior to your tenant moving in, we will attend the property and complete a comprehensive report detailing the exact condition of the property, as well as all fixtures and fittings.
Our reports are electronic. They are clear and transparent. For a standard 3 Bedroom Home, we average 220 – 230 photos. This makes it easier for our representatives to handle any disputes there may be at the end of the tenancy, with the exception of fair wear and tear. We add a little extra time to ensure that the job is done correctly to begin with.

At REW, we work in a timely and organised fashion, to ensure the greatest impact and result as we understand clients have commitments and time is not always on their side.
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