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Tips for Tenants
You’ve spent weeks searching online.. arrive at the open for inspection and find there are about 20 other people interested in the same property as you are. It feels never-ending.
There are a number of things you can do to strengthen your application and depending on your circumstances, this will vary.

Be organised
Arrive on time at the open for inspection. (Feel free to bring a tape measure!)

Submit your application and any required documentation/paperwork at the same time (and for each person who is applying with you).
The information provided should be the most recent and most up to date as this will speed up the reference checking stage done by the agent to avoid any delays that are possible. In some cases, you might wish to give your HR/payroll officer your approval for them to speak to us. This can take a few days for them to get the memo!

Photo Identification
An Australian Driver’s Licence or Passport (visa if applicable) will normally suffice.

Payslips/Bank Statement
If you’re employed, you will need to provide proof of income, generally the two most recent payslips will do for a weekly/fortnightly payment period.
If you’re self employed, you may wish to provide your accountant/bookkeeper’s details for us to contact.

Own your own home? Renting out your own home?
A copy of the council rates notice for the most current year can be supplied, or you can provide the details of your selling/managing agent.

Rental References from a Previous Landlord/Agent
If you have been renting previously, you can ask your current/previous landlord or agent to act as a reference for you, they can do so supplying you with a written reference on their letterhead/tenant payment ledger, or quite simply, just include their details and contact number on the application form and we’ll do the rest.

Just arrived? Staying in short term accommodation?
You can certainly provide the details of the manager in charge of the building/complex.

At REW, we value our tenants, and understand time is not always on their side, we aim to make the process of finding a property as stress free as possible, from your utilities connection to regular direct debit rental payments. REW are proud to say we aim to build and maintain quality tenant relationships, the same way we do with our landlords.